Symphony Debutantes

The Symphony Debs have a history of service to the community through the Symphony Orchestra, donating from $6,000 to $8,000 a year to fund Symphony performances through fundraisers. They also serve as greeters and ushers at Symphony concerts.

Debutantes participate in community events and must meet requirements for membership. Those include a form of legacy in that their mothers have to be active members of the Symphony Guild and the teenagers must attend a select number of meetings and concerts during the year.

Debs begin their service as provisionals when they enter their freshman year, then are considered debs once they are sophomores. While they are introduced during their freshman, sophomore and junior balls, their full presentation comes as a senior.

All young women meeting the requirements are welcome to join the deb program. Anyone in the area, including Plainview and surrounding towns, interested in the deb program may contact the deb directors, officers or any member of the Symphony Guild for more information.